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How to Place an Order

While we wait to get an online payment system set up, you can still place orders! Follow these steps to see if we can accommodate your needs.

Choose your Flavor & Quantity

Each order placed comes with 12 (single flavored) cookies. If you want multiple flavors, you must have more than 1 order placed, or there is an up charge. (Any cookie can also be made Gluten Free, for an additional charge)

-Vanilla Almond  

-Plain Vanilla  

-Chocolate Almond  


-Chocolate Cherry 





Each order allows you to freely customize your set as you wish. If you have any inspo pictures, feel free to send to us! 

You may pick 3 colors (not including black and white). Any additional colors will require an up charge. 

Please note what decorating techniques you are interested in.


Place Order Ahead of Time

Please make sure you give me at least 2 weeks notice for your desired PICKUP/delivery date (not event date).

Please also note any delivery outside of a 10 mile radius will require an additional $5 fee.

I try to accommodate and take as many orders as I can within reason. The larger time frame you give, the more likely your order will be approved!


Contact Me!

Once you have selected your desired order, please contact me via the contact page listing the following:

-Name & Phone Number

-Date of desired Pickup/Delivery

-Quantity of Cookies & Flavor/s

-Desired Design, Colors & Techniques (send inspo pictures)

-Packaging Requests (Each cookie is individually wrapped at no extra cost, along with the box and bow) Custom stickers may be desired for your event.

Once confirmed on both ends, we can discuss payment & pickup/delivery

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